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Visual Magic Gold (Life)
Visual Magic Gold (Non-Life)
Fundz Magic
Visual DO Magic
The Mobile Magician™
Multiple Language Pack
Broker Magic
eCR Magic
Magic SMS
Magic Portfolio
Magic SOTS


Our site - one of the leading insurance portals is the most exhaustive site and virtually a window to the Indian insurance industry. Apart from keeping the customer, as also the insurance professional armed with the latest information about the happenings in the industry be it about life or non-life it also educates the individual and provides him with several decision making tools such as Counsellor, Ask an Expert, Portfolio Manager, in addition to product information, articles, analysis and interviews of the top brass of the industry.

Moreover, it caters to the changing needs of the insurance agent through Wonderplans™ - instant insurance presentations, news, insurance selling tips, articles, etc to name a few besides covering brokers, surveyors, actuaries etc. Our portal team that shoulders the responsibility of managing the website consists of a Portal Manager, Content Executives and a Web-Master. Our software development and our creative team provide programming and graphics support to this team to keep the site up-to-date and most appealing.


Multiple Language Option Now Available for Visual Magic Gold and Visual DO Magic

You must be having many clients who prefer communicating in Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati. Your attractive and colourful presentations do not create the desired impact with such clients because they are in English.

How you wish that you were able to give them presentations in the language they desire.

YES. You can now do this with Visual Magic's Multi-Language Pack and close your deals faster.

For Others
Existing Clients
Single Language Pack
(Any One Language)
Rs. 1490
Rs. 990
Multi-Language Pack
(All 3 Languages)
Rs. 2990
Rs. 1990



Running a business is a demanding job requiring brokers to juggle staff, customers and the business simultaneously. The Broker Magic has been designed to make your and your staff's life easier, while satisfying the needs of your customers.

  • How can BrokerMagic benefit brokers?
    BrokerMagic provides the necessary information to make an informed decision about the future of the company. This solution will produce a wide range of reports including New Business Analysis by Departments and Class of Business, which will help you identify new market opportunites and secure your investment.

  • How can BrokerMagic benefit staff?
    Employees play a vital role in delivering a high standard of customer service, converting customers into loyal clients. This insurance broking solution enables staff to deal effectively with customer queries with the centralisation of client documentation. This powerful feature will improve response time to customer queries with immediate access to policy status and documents.

To learn more about the application, download BrokerMagic Product Brochure


What is eCRMagic?
eCRM stands for Electronic Customer Relationship Management. eCRMagic is a technology driven service, which is aimed at enhancing your customers satisfaction experience through effective communication and thereby locking their patronage with you for a longer period of time One of the biggest challenges you face in maximizing business from your customers is in identifying their requirements. With a clear idea of each customer relationship with your organization, you are better able to target customers and deliver what they need. eCRMagic provides the means for you and your customer to get a 360-degree view of the their insurance portfolio and a history of interactions with your organization.

You can also target your esteemed clients for up-selling or cross-selling activities. Furthermore, because you have information on products or services that they have purchased from you, you have a good way of This software allows you as an agent to maximise every opportunity to enhance your relation with your customers by automatically wishing them on their special days like Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, festivals etc.

eCRMagic also reduces the cost per transaction with your customer. Using the powerful engine of eCRMagic, you are constantly in touch with your customers 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Using the power of the internet, your customers have their information on their fingertips. This self service model reduces your servicing costs while at the same time being able to

Customer Relationship and Insurance
Insurance selling is all about the relationships you share with your customers. As an insurance consultant, you thrive upon your good relations with your customers and leverage on it for generating business. When the business is small, customers have a privilege of your personal attention. They feel that they are the most important entity of your business. This makes them feel loyal to you and thus you are assured about your future business with them, but as your business grows it starts becoming more and more difficult to keep directly in touch with your customers. They have to be serviced by your staff instead of yourself. That PERSONAL TOUCH in your business slowly starts vanishing. The very same customers now start feeling they are not as much important to you as they were earlier Due to this the loyalty bond starts weakening, which can be very risky for your business. You know you need to understand and leverage your most valuable asset: your customers. To achieve that, you need to centralize customer information within your entire organization, maximize opportunities through complex channel relationships, and streamline operations. You are also faced with increasing costs of servicing your customers optimally while at the same time your customers expect greater and an international range of services. Address each of these challenges with a complete technology solution - one that is designed

Amazing Features That Multiply Your Profit, Subtract Your Costs

  • Auto generated premium reminders
    This feature enables an automatic delivery through email, of all intimations regarding premium payments, policy maturity, policy changes, policy requirements etc.
  • Customer Feedback
    Know the pulse of your customer.React to their concerns and queries as they appear.This cuts your reaction time and enables you to design strategies to improve your business.
  • Auto generated messages
    Don’t worry about forgetting to wish your clients on their special days. Birthday greetings, Anniversary wishes, Congratulatory messages, Festival greetings are automatically sent as per your settings.
  • Custom intimations
    Inform your clients about newly launched policies and benefits to be derived from certain policies. Use this tool to draft different messages that you want to convey to your customers. Just imagine, the last thing a customer would expect is a best of luck greetings for your childs exams. It would increase your value in his eyes. All this with the minimum of intervention from your side.
  • Online Product Info., Articles & News
    Today information is power. Empower your customers by informing them about the different product details. Provide them with thought provoking and informative articles,which can only make it easier for you to explain the need of insurance & financial investments in their lives.

Online Portfolio Access
Your customers can access their insurance portfolio online on your website in real time. This means that even at 2’oclock in the morning, your customers can view their policy details at the press of a key.

Analytical Tools
The software provides cutting edge analytical tools like the Basic Insurance Needs Analysis, Comprehensive Insurance Needs Analysis, Wealth Potential Analysis, Insurance Eligibility Check, Premium Calculator, Loan Calculator, Surrender Value Calculator etc. In addition there is the Comprehensive Insurance chart, Premium Calendars, Cash Flow Chart,Status Reports and many other powerful applications for you and your customers to use.

Online MIS
Track the browsing and selection choices of your customers. View their interests and decide how better you can serve them. View the reports, which will tell you which policies have interested the majority of your clients. This will enable you to create powerful as well as targeted sales and marketing strategies, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Auto Pilot Service
As one of the top performing insurance professionals, your time is often not your own. Moving from one meeting to another, the time you might need to spend on your website is limited or sometimes impossible. The Auto Pilot feature of eCRMagic takes over your job of taking care of your website. Updating articles, news, banners (another point of sale) and also targeted direct marketing campaigns. All these while you attend to other key points of your business. The Auto Pilot is like a co-pilot, working while you relax, but with control never leaving your hands. You can be assured that the updating is correct as an expert Datacomp employee looks after it.This feature also significantly reduces your transaction & operational cost as your work is taken care of by the Auto Pilot.

Online MagicSMS
Most individuals carry around a mobile phone nowadays and that is one of the easiest means of staying in touch. The online MagicSMS automatically keeps sending out intimations & messages once you have made the settings directly from your website. This removes the tension of constantly keeping track of your messages and you also don’t require anyone to look into it everyday. A power packed tool that’s economical to use as well.

A desktop based application, enabling you to give provide insurance and investment based information to the clients on a CD. Containing an exciting application that gives your client a presentation on their current Comprehensive Insurance Chart, Cash Flow Chart, Premium Calendar, Non-Life Insurance chart, Small Savings investment etc. Additionally you can brand yourself with details on your profile, achievements as well as provide useful information like LIC / GIC forms, product details and even stuff like children’s games and recipes. The idea, is to brand yourself, as well as create bonding and interest with the entire family of your customer plus increase their loyalty to yourself.

Care Pack Scheme
An innovative system designed to reduce your time & expenses further. At a nominal retainer, an employee of Datacomp will update your data (for e.g. e-mail ids, mobile no.’s etc.), run diagnostic tests on your website and ensure that your software is running smoothly. It is another way of reducing your costs (no costly overheads) & ensuring optimal services.

Why do you need eCRMagic?

» Anywhere anytime information access to your customers (24x7x365)
» Powerful analytical tools and planners to vitalise your business.
» Automation of routine tasks like Premium, Maturity, SB & New Product intimations.
» Online Insurance Portfolio for your customers. Information when they want it.
» Branding your organisation.
» Using technological advances to reach out to your customers. Providing service everywhere.
» Empowering your customer with knowledge about insurance and investments.
» Cementing relationships with your customers through all channels (eGreeting and SMS messages.)
» Self paying software. Initial investment recovered in the first year of operations. Profits thereafter.
» Increasing your service and marketing reach.
» Tapping International clients.
» Strong structure to enable future upgradation as per requirements.
» Support to various market segments like Non-Life, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Small Savings etc.
» Staying one step ahead of your competitors.
» Profit multiplying tool.