Acetex is a one-stop information technology company (hub). We sell, service, and support a variety of network and computer equipment and software. Our customers are small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations

  Our product lines are also expanding into new areas, including professional-level and high-end consumer electronics, small appliances, digital imaging and photography systems, recorded and blank media, and related supplies and accessories. Through our All-Around Software division, we offer several pre-built web applications and custom application development.

Let us be your technology partner tomorrow! When you are ready, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Our Mission

  • To bring awareness with the features of new product launched in the market.
  • To provide After Sales Service and Annual Maintenance Contract of any product purchased from us.

Acetex offers affordable maintenance plans that include planned service for your computer and network, significantly reducing possibilities for unplanned outages. Acetex’ s technicians will monitor your network, servers, workstations, and key points of failure such as network routers, hubs and switches, and other network electronics on a regular basis. You can rest with the assurance that all reasonable measures are being taken to prevent such disruptions as virus attacks, network intrusions, and other network security exposures.
Here is a summary of our skills and services:

  • Hardware & Software Sales
  • Computer Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Voice & Data Cabling
  • Network Design and Upgrades
  • Wireless Networks
  • Computer Network Security
  • Disaster Planning, Protection and Recovery
  • CustoDatabase Programming
  • Internet Connectivity Solutions

Dedicated  Support
When you purchase any products from us, you're receiving more than just the product itself. You're also receiving one year of free professional support from our experienced support team.

In fact, when you request support for any products, you'll receive a response directly from an acetex team member who either built the product from scratch, or who is involved directly in the development and updates of that product.

Our support philosophy is simple. It's one promise that we consistently deliver on -- each and every single time you deal with us. When you contact us for product support, we drop everything and really focus on helping you with any problems and questions you have relating to our products.

Why Choose Us?
Here at acetex we'll do anything and everything in our power to keep our customers happy. Need advice on which of our products suits your needs? Just pick up the phone and call us.